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Welcome to LaundryMan

At LaundryMan Dry Cleans, we are fully committed to providing you with the best Dry Cleaning and Laundry service available in Gujranwala.

This starts with our investment into the best state of the art cleaning and pressing equipment available, as well as our employees which have many years of combined experience in the dry cleaning industry.

Call us: 03 000 433 244

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Gold Membership

Gold Customer Fee Rs. 2000/-

Validity 3 months and Special Basket.

Renewal fee after 3 months will be Rs. 1000/-

Why Gold Customer’s Fee?

Against the membership fee Rs. 2000/-

  • LaundryMan will provide you Free Pickup & Delivery services at your Doorstep.
  • 20% discount on all dry cleaning and laundry services and will covered back from monthly invoices.
  • Free Express Bag for convenient drop & go service with pouch for special instructions or coupons.
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At LaundryMan Dry Cleans, we are fully committed to providing you with the best Dry Cleaning


Your Order

Book a laundry collection online with your complete address.

We will Collect

LaundryMan bring a bag - you don't need to prepare anything.

We will Clean

Your clothes are covered by our Quality Guarantee.

We will Deliver

LaundryMan deliver back to you anytime and anywhere within 48 Hrs.

Put the items you want cleaned in the express bag we provide, and leave it in a pre-determined area of your choice (front, side, or back door, porch, garage…) on your pick up day. Our driver will come by, pick up the items you’ve left for us, and deliver any finished items. We will professionally clean, press, and package your items and return them to you in 3 days. Pay bill and an invoice will be attached to each order on delivery.

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Our pricing

Quaide-e-Azam Avenue, Kashmir Colony
near Rahwali Cantt Check post Gujranwala


Or call

03 000 433 244